Using your duty free allowance: alcohol you’ll want to bring home with you

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With all the amazing adult beverages there are in the world, it’s a shame that many keep their enjoyment of them overseas.

Many nations offer a generous duty free allowance to their citizens, which permit you to buy high quality alcohol at cheap prices, and then bring them back with you without having to pay an import tax on them.

Here’s what you should bring back for friends and family on your next journey abroad…

Rum: Flor de Cana, Nicaragua

When you think of an alcoholic drink that goes down as smooth as silk, chances are you don’t picture rum when you envision such a spirit in your imagination.

Yet, Flor de Cana, a premium Central American rum produced in the humble nation of Nicaragua, surprises countless visiting tourists that go to take shots of this national treasure, and are shocked with the lack of a nasty aftertaste that countless inferior products usually leave in your palate.

Don’t limit your enjoyment of this amazing hooch to the days you spend enjoying it with some BIG Cola in a hammock on Little Corn Island; take a bottle with you on the plane back home when you are passing by the duty free shop at Managua’s international airport and gets your friends at home hooked on this amazing brand of rum.

Wine: Catena Zapata, Argentina

In the past generation, the wines of South America has earned the respect of wine drinkers around the world, and no nation has done this alcoholic drink better than Argentina.

Within this country of Spanish, Italian and French immigrants, the cumulative knowledge of viticulture have produced some outstanding vintages that have finally broken through into the global consciousness.

In region of Mendoza, Catena Zapata has emerged as the premium brand in an area filled with high quality Merlot vineyards, as its sweet tasting and smelling products have developed a fan base the world over.

Instead of paying well over three figures to order it on the internet, use your blue dollars to get a bottle in wine shops in Argentina for much cheaper, protect it with bubble wrap, and bring it home to enjoy with a gourmet home cooked meal.

Whiskey: Springbank 10 Year Old 100 Proof Campbeltown, Scotland

The Scottish Highlands offers much for intrepid travelers: epic vistas of perfectly shaped mountains, excellent hiking, and some of the finest aged whiskey in the world.

Springbank Distillery produces one of the world’s best single malts here, as its 10 Year Old 100 Proof Campbeltown line carries hints of smoke, lemon and honey among other flavors.

This strong whiskey is aged in bourbon and sherry barrels, giving it a complexity you’ll want to share with a fellow scotch enthusiast back home.

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