Changing the travel game: unique travel apps you need to check out

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When it comes to changing the travel game, no invention in the 21st century so far has surpassed mobile devices in the amount of ease and intelligence that it has injected into the process. In this article, we will go over three unique travel apps that have made the experience of wandering the Earth much less intimidating than it has been in previous generations…

1) Localeur

Everybody and their dog already knows about the standard tourist sights in any given destination. The holy grail of travel for many dedicated wanderers has to do with plugging into the locals scene, which involves finding out where residents of a destination go to hang out and relax when they aren’t working.

This might be hard for you to do if you don’t know a person in a certain city, or if you don’t speak the language in some foreign countries. Localeur comes to rescue in either of these two scenarios, as it fills you in on the restaurants, bars, shops and attractions that remain hidden to those that blindly adhere to guidebooks and travel websites, allowing you to take your travels to the next level.

2) Uber

How many times has the end of a perfect night out been ruined by cabbies that won’t take you where you need to go? Or how often have they tried to scam you with a rigged meter, or by taking the super long way to your destination?

The taxi monopoly is crumbling these days, thanks to the worldwide rollout of Uber drivers, all of whom are vetted for honesty and security, and offer high service levels due to constant evaluations via their travel app.

Because of this revolution, you can enjoy your drinks on the town, comfortable in the fact that a friendly, responsible ride will be awaiting you after using the Uber app to call them to your location.

3) Trover

While Pinterest has long been lauded as a site where you could assemble pictures of desired things in one place, when it came to travel, a lack of info on getting to a specific place or what one could do when they got there underscored its limitations.

Trover has unlocked this potential by adding functionality that allows the uploader to add vital information that allows the viewer to not only dream about the place depicted, but to also make concrete plans about what they will do when they get there.

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