Traveling to Cuba? Don’t miss these spots…

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Planning on traveling to Cuba this winter? There are many spots worth your attention in this country, and we have taken the liberty of briefly outlining four of them for your convenience … enjoy!

1) Havana

The grand capital of Cuba may have crumbled since its glory days during the mid 20th century, but this gritty charm and its underlying Spanish architecture makes this city a wonderful place to wander around and get lost.

Marvel at the stunning similarities between the Cuban and the American Capitol Building (this city and country had very intimate ties to the United States up until the Cuban Revolution led by Fidel Castro ended all that).

Go on a tour of the Havana Club Rum Factory and sample some of this island’s nation world famous hooch.

Walk along the Malecon as the Caribbean Sea lashes it on a windy day.

This is just a sampling of the many things you can do in this amazing place, but we have so many other places to talk about in this article…

2) Santiago de Cuba

Ranking as the second largest city in Cuba, it was in Santiago de Cuba that Fidel Castro and his revolutionaries descended from the highlands and began their armed revolution against the political establishment of the day.

One of your days here will likely be consumed by a day trek into the local Sierra Maestra Mountains, as it is where Fidel Castro and Che Guevara recovered from a failed first attempt at revolution and eventually launched their successful thrust towards Havana, but when you are done that, there are more attractions to discover here.

One of those points of interest is La Casa de Trova, as there are many shows featuring indigenous music there, especially during high season.

3) Trinidad

A colorful town throughout, Trinidad is another stellar stop not to be missed during your explorations of Cuba.

From the Museum of the War Against the Bandits that details the failed attempts by the USA to snatch back Cuba from Castro and company, to salsa dancing in the local square in the evening, there is much to love about this place. Just wandering around its colonial streets is worth the time it takes to get here.

4) Varadero

If you are craving the perfect white sand beach and all-inclusive everything, Varadero is where you’ll want to spend the bulk of your time on holiday.

The little town of Varadero is great for a day of appreciating rural Cuban life, but the appeal of this place is splashing around in bath warm water and playing giant chess against friends and family … your move.

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