Top 5 Kid Friendly Places in Amsterdam

photo by CC user bertknot on FlickrAmsterdam is  not just about debauchery and the red light district. In fact, it is one of the best places to take a family vacation, so take note of these kid friendly places in Amsterdam and enjoy one of Europe’s best cities together.


Built in 1952, this is one of the largest and oldest theme parks in the Netherlands. It is fantasy themed with gorgeous rides that take you on fantastic fairy tale adventures. Efteling is beautiful and definitely fun for all ages and with a fantastic water, fire and light show at the end of the day, it will make you believe in magic again.

Amsterdam Kermis

The Amsterdam Kermis is a funfair that basically takes Amsterdam by storm whenever it ‘rolls in’. It has tents, stalls, shooting galleries, everything you would expect from a funfair, including the delicious food. Let’s not forget a giant Ferris wheel and a carousel. Taking your kids to this fun filled location will thrill them to the core and you will have fun too.

Klimpark Fun Forest

This is a great venue for families who love the outdoors. Situated in the south of Amsterdam, this is a living forest surrounded by obstacle courses. It’s a great way to stay active when on vacation while having lots of fun. It is sadly only suitable for children 7 – 14 years of age but that doesn’t mean that the little ones can’t have fun too.

Tunfun Indoor Playground

Located in a former traffic underpass, Amsterdam’s Tunfun Indoor Playground is the perfect place for kids aged 0 – 12 years. They have soft mats, slides, ball ponds, trampolines, everything that will make your little one squeal with absolute joy. Parents don’t need to feel left out though as there is free wifi available, a coffee bar plus healthy food for both you and your kids.

Amstel Park

This 42 year old park is a fantastic destination for the entire family. It has a labyrinth, a café, a petting zoo, mini-golf, a playground; it has everything you will need for a great day out.

So, plan your trip, pack your bags, go have fun and release your inner child.

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