Three Classic American Road Trips

In the United States, one of the long awaited times of year used to be spring break and summer vacation.  One of these reasons was the road trip.  Pile the family in the station wagon, grab the travel games and snacks and hit the road.  Now with changes in technology road trips can be planned at the push of a button or with the tap of an app.  Today I am going to discuss 3 places travelers may want to visit if the mood is right.

One excitement filled option for the classic American road trip still remains the Grand Canyon.  Little has been changed at this vast location since it’s inception as a federal reserve in 1893.  The park was officially declared a park in 1919.   So, what exactly does the Grand Canyon have to offer?  The park lies on 1,218,375 acres of plateaus, rocky ridges, steep cliffs, ravines and mountain sides.  The red rock lies in on a Colorado plateau in northwestern Arizona.  The park is separated into 2 rims, north and south by a 277 mile canyon.  North, more accessible, south a little harder to come by.

There are multiple staff led programs including; hiking trips, bicycling, even text messages that will come to your phone with info about the park.  Enjoy the wild life, plants and the sheer geography of this natural monument. You may also want to check out the many museums and visitor centers. You may visit the north or south rim. The north rim is easily accessible via rial or interstate 40.  Talk about a photo op.  If the cavernous beauty of the grand canyon is not your cup of tea, what about the beach?

Take a drive down highway 1 in California and check out Stinson beach.  It is easy to head down towards Mt. Tamalpais state park and find it overly crowded. Keep driving for a bit and you will find yourself deep on highway one with views of the pacific ocean.  Make it all the way down to bottom and you will find yourself parked next to Stinson Beach state park.

This place is filled with sandy out croppings and tons of beach access.  Hike down the short path to the beach and you will find clean restrooms, and showers.  They also have an awesome snack bar so you can relax and dine on the warm sand.  I recommend a large beach towel, maybe a paddle board and some sun screen.  The surf is awesome to play in, but beware of sharks.  All together a great spot for the family or just those looking for a good time.  If you have “so already done” the grand canyon, and the ocean is “ so yesterday”, then check out the East coast.

One year I found myself working in Boston.  We took a drive to the north and found ourselves in Newbury Port, Massachusetts.  It looks like a forgotten coast side town that comes alive in the summer time.  Beach side shanties built on stilts.  Very high end shops, gourmet food, and the dark blue beauty of the Atlantic ocean.  You can wade in knee deep, grab a bottle of wine and a nice lunch and enjoy the day.  All to be completed by a beautiful sunset.

Any where you chose to travel, you can not go wrong with an old fashioned road trip.  Drop the plane, train, metro, and get int he car and see where it takes you.

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