Things to do on Holiday in Jordan

Jordan is an amazing place to visit. There are so many breathtaking and magical places to visit. It is rich in history and culture. One of the most fascinating places you will ever visit is Amman in Jordan. The architecture is very unique and the people are a diverse crowd. It is both multicultural as well as multi-denominational.  There is a great deal of mosques in the area as well as different churches. It has a layered history and that reflects in the people who reside there. Amman does have a modern center, but its roots are very obvious in the remnants of decades gone. It is a beautiful, educating and amazing journey.

Aqaba is another spectacular choice to take your holiday. Diving in the clear blue waters off the shore is a favorite past time of many. South Beach is a beautiful and amazing place that you will not want to leave. It is very serene and has some of the most beautiful sunsets you will ever lay eyes on. For the adventurer there are hot air balloon rides in Aqaba as well. You will get an amazing view of a city as old as time. The Aquaba Marine Park is family fun, as well as City Beach. Rather you are on a family vacation, solo or on your honeymoon there will be something to do in this bustling city.

For the history and culture lover there is no place like Petra Wadi Musa. It is Jordan’s World Heritage Site. It has also made one of the New 7 Wonders of the World list. It is a lost city with many surrounding treasures waiting to be explored. Some are 2000 years old. This canyon holds secrets, and the ghosts that remain still try to tell the stories of ancient civilization through the remaining ruins. The high place of sacrifice gives a physical nostalgic reaction to its presence. You have to explore these lands to truly appreciate the powerful feelings that it evokes.

You can get lost riving The Kings HI way and stop to relax in Jordan’s hot springs. You may even want to opt out of the luxury suite to sleep under the stars or have a picnic in the country side that is bewitching. There is no limit to the many things that you can see and do in Jordan. There are secrets and adventure around every corner. Make sure you visit the Roman Amphitheater while you are there, and all of the ancient ruins that are only available in the region. It is a once in a lifetime experience, and you won’t walk away the same.

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