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Three Options For a Relaxing Holiday In Morocco

Ever since the Arab Spring protest movement broke out several years ago, tourism throughout North Africa has been a bit of a touchy subject. A nascent travel industry in Libya was scuttled with the toppling of Gaddafi, with ground conditions still remaining unstable and dangerous in the present day. Egypt is now ruled by a […]

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Discovering The Hidden Treasures of Northern Ontario

According to the Canadian folk band The Arrogant Worms, Northern Ontario is eighty billion kilometres across, and maybe 13 people live there. While it is isn’t quite as big or depopulated in reality, Northern Ontario is indeed an expansive place with blessedly fewer people than the bigger cities in the south. With almost 2,000 kilometres […]

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Experiencing the Natural Wonders of Sardinia

Despite that fact that its physical presence in the Mediterranean is as subtle as a bull rampaging through a china shop, Sardinia is not nearly as well-known as many of the other tourist destinations that one considers when booking luxury Italy holidays. Despite being administered by this country, Sardinians have a culture all their own, […]

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