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Star-studded holiday homes in California

Do you dream of living the life of a movie or music star, if only for a little while? They live a life that seems to be above anything that the common person can ever hope to attain, but in today’s world, this simply isn’t true anymore. Did you know that you can stay in […]

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Thanksgiving in NYC: what to see and do

Spending Thanksgiving in NYC? While many locals leave the city to spend the holiday with family upstate and elsewhere, plenty more remain to enjoy the attractions of a city with an extended period of time off. Here’s what you can get up to on this cherished holiday weekend… Attend the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (duh) […]

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Top Destinations to Spend Christmas

As we move towards the Christmas holidays, travel fanatics are planning on where to welcome in the yuletide season. Although many families prefer to enjoy festivities, many people are trying out new cultures and traditions in different cities and countries. Here are three examples of how Christmas is celebrated differently around the world. The Philippines […]

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Going Sideways East of Appalachia: Best Wine Trails in the Eastern US

When it comes to wine tourism in the United States, one region in the country hogs virtually all of the spotlight. While Napa Valley in California certainly produces the majority of the nation’s wine, as well as some mighty fine vintages to boot, this single region in a single state is not the be-all, end-all […]

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Major Festivals Worth Planning A Holiday Around

A common conundrum for travelers during their trips is trying to balance their desire for hedonism on holiday with genuine attempts to understand the culture and ways of life in the places in which they are visiting. It is easy to lie on a beach, go for a hike in the mountains, or soak in […]

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Beachside Boardwalks To Stroll This Summer

With the burgers, beer and a possible lakeside getaway in the books after an awesome Memorial Day weekend, summer is now off to a roaring start. Now that it is totally acceptable to rock the tank top and board shorts, it’s time to think about planning a trip to the beach before the hordes book […]

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3 Essential Destinations In The American South

As the end of the school year rapidly approaches, the time for planning your holiday travels is at hand. While your family budget is a bit too tapped out to fly abroad this year, you’ve been actively considering piling into your SUV or minivan and hitting the open road. This summer, you should try heading […]

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Finding Asian Food In Florida

I missed home so much that I found I was dreaming about it more and more. I didn’t really want to leave Subang Jaya but I felt it was time. Because I was leaving during the height of the holiday season, I really had to compare any flights to Orlando from one travel agency to […]

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Florida Keys To Experience (Besides Key West)

  Florida is a wonderful place to go within America when you want to escape the cold and snow that plagues the Northern tier of states during the winter months, as the southerly latitudes and warm currents that bless this sandy peninsula keep temperatures throughout much of state well above freezing. Unfortunately, many other folks […]

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Tips for Having a Fun Family Vacation

It is good to spend time with family. Family is something that you should treasure. You should ensure that you spare some time from your busy calendar occasionally to spend time with them. Nowadays to most families the best way to spend time with family is by going on a vacation. Whether you want to […]

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