5 most popular spots outside the UK for retiring abroad

Tenerife is among the most popular spots outside the UK for retiring abroad

For the longest time, people have blindly accepted they were meant to live out their retirement in the same country where they spent their life working.

In today’s globalized world, this is no longer an inevitability, as low airfares compared to a generation ago have made it possible for retirees to spend significant portions of the year living somewhere other than the United Kingdom.

According to a recent survey commissioned by http://www.schofields.ltd.uk, 57% of soon-to-be retirees are open to the idea of living abroad.

The rationales for their position reveal the benefits of this approach: 61% are looking for a slower pace of life, 38% want to spend their golden years in a place with better weather, and 30% want to broaden their horizons by experiencing a different culture.

Whatever your motivations, there is a wide world out there filled with amazing retirement destinations. Below, we’ll explore five countries which have drawn the attention of UK retirees.

1) New Zealand

Located about as far as you can get from the United Kingdom, New Zealand might not seem like an obvious choice for retirees.

However, once you consider its incredible natural beauty, gentle climate, English speaking locals, and its relatively cheap cost of living, it becomes a much easier sell.

With an abundance of outdoor adventure experiences (particularly on the South Island), New Zealand is a great spot for older adults who have remained active in the course of their daily lives.

2) Netherlands

If you don’t want to relocate halfway across the globe to retire, the Netherlands might be an option worth considering.

Ranking high in quality of life measures, you won’t have to make any bargains with how you live your life in Holland.

What’s more, those who become bored easily will be pleased to learn the job market is currently skewed towards workers, making it easy to pick up a part-time position if you are looking to keep busy.

3) Canary Islands

Want to leave the cold rains of winter behind for good, but don’t want to have to endure a 12-hour flight to Southeast Asia every year? The Canary Islands are an excellent option close by to the UK.

In little more than four hours, you can be sitting on the beach on Tenerife, where daytime highs rarely sink below 20 degrees during the ‘chilliest’ days of winter.

4) France

If you believe in living life to the max, making France your retirement base will fill your golden years with a joie de vivre that will make acquaintances back home green with envy.

With the world’s best food, wine that ranks among the best on the planet (and often available for less than 5€ a bottle), access to stunning mountains, glamorous beaches, and action-packed cities, you will rarely have an excuse to be bored.

5) Canada

Those looking to live out their lives in peace will not be able to find a country objectively better than Canada.

Sitting pretty in contrast to its neighbor to the south, this nation makes up for its frigid winter weather with amazing natural scenery, an English-speaking multicultural population that prides itself on being friendly, and housing prices which are a discount compared with prices in Greater London.

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