One Fine City: Having Fun In Singapore


While Southeast Asia is generally known for being one of the world’s best travel destinations, one corner of it has a decidedly boring reputation. That place is Singapore, a place long associated with corporations and the finance sector, and while there are tons of opportunities to make a ton of money, it has long been posited that it lacks the assets that make its regional neighbors much more interesting to visit.

While the city state’s small size makes it very difficult to have many of the charms that normal-sized countries have, those that are willing to break through tired stereotypes will find plenty of entertaining things to do in Singapore.

The following three attractions are just a few of the spots in this prosperous place that will forever put this city on your list of destinations to return to in the future. Let’s dive right into it!

1) Overload your senses on Sentosa Island

The first hotspot that any newbie to Singapore should visit is Sentosa Island. It’s where all the locals go when the hustle, bustle and stress of the downtown core gets too much for them to bear. A two kilometer beach provides a respite from the heat and humidity, while an amusement park will keep your kids and adrenaline junkies occupied. Those who have a golfing habit can get their fix here, as two courses are available for your driving, chipping and putting pleasure.

2) Stuff yourself silly at one of many tasty food courts

With one of the world’s most outstanding food cultures spilling over from Malaysia next door, and skilled chefs from all over the world moving in to cater to foreign nationals from all over the world, meals here will never be boring, irrespective of your budget.

Chinese, Malay and Indian food that will send you to foodie heaven can be enjoyed at pennies on the Singapore Dollar, while fine Western cuisine can be had in many of the glitzy lounges and five star restaurants scattered in and around the Central Business District.

3) Shop, gamble and swim around in the sickest infinity pool on Earth

If you have vices that need to be satisfied from time to time, Singapore does indeed have you covered, despite what you might think. Marina Bay Sands is the best place you can go to next that designer bag, roll the dice of fate at a high-limit craps table, or pay big bucks to gain access to an infinity pool that overlooks the downtown core of Singapore from 50+ storeys up. The possibilities are endless!


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