Holiday Advice – High Blood Pressure And Alcohol


It’s summertime – a time for holidays, relaxation and occasional indulgences. It is likely that a future vacation will put a smile on most faces: dreaming of a sunny holiday, days at the beach, tasty food and an occasional drink or two. However, if you suffer from high blood pressure, the promise of a relaxing holiday may turn sour if you are unaware of potential risks of alcohol consumption during vacation. British Heart Foundation reveals that there is a ‘clear link between regularly drinking too much alcohol and having hypertension.’ It is fair to say that most people overdo their drinking on holiday. Therefore it is essential to know what risks are involved before you go on vacation.

Before we divulge further onto the topic of alcohol and high blood pressure, it is extremely crucial to remember that if you suffer from hypertension, you should check with your doctor before taking your holiday – especially if you already taking some medication for high blood pressure.

A well-known fact is that alcohol leads to a surge in blood pressure, therefore if you already suffer from hypertension alcohol can significantly contribute to having a stroke, heart attack and can even cause neurological disorders. The issue with alcohol is that it causes constriction of blood vessels, thereby increasing your chances of a number of illnesses including those described previously.

A lot of the times alcohol may cause overeating, which means you consume more calories than you need. This can then contribute to obesity, which is another massive blow to your health if you already have hypertension. If you go to countries that have strong sun exposure and long hot days, it can pose a significant threat to your health, especially if you also combine this with alcohol. Alcohol and heat together may cause dehydration and lead to dizziness, palpitations, confusion and even fainting.

At the moment the recommended safe alcohol limit for both men and women is 14 units per week. Unfortunately, many of us exceed that amount. Binge drinking is widespread among holiday goers and puts a massive strain on the cardiovascular system. The more you drink, the higher your blood pressure becomes and the greater impact of blood on your arteries from a raised heartbeat.

An article by DailyMail reported that women who exceed the recommended 14 units per week double their chances of common illnesses associated with hypertension, while men can nearly quadruple their risk of developing deadly diseases when binge drinking. It is often suggested that it is only the long-term alcohol intake that increases your risk of cancer, heart disease, stroke and liver disease. However, some specialists advise that even small amounts of alcohol can increase the chances of some diseases developing.

Worrying about alcohol intake can be an annoying prospect on holiday, however worrying when something awful happens because you did not take enough precautions can be even worse. Constricted blood vessels caused by alcohol consumption increase the risk of stroke and heart disease on a massive scale. That is why you should not leave it to chance but think about your health responsibly and contact your doctor to speak about the risks before your vacation.


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