Goa is just the beginning: other fabulous beaches in India

photo by CC user Vikramjit Kakati on wikimedia commons

When you think of beaches in India, people’s mind shift automatically towards one place, and one place only: Goa.

If you are as geographically aware as we are, you know that the Indian Subcontinent is a large land mass … surely there must be other beaches waiting to be discovered.

With that in mind, here are some other fabulous beaches in India that can be found outside of the state of Goa…

1) Radhanagar Beach (Andaman and Nicobar Islands)

Located on Havelock Island in the Andaman and Nicobar archipelago in the Bay of Bengal, Radhanagar Beach possesses many of the characteristics that have made similar strips of sand in nearby Thailand irresistible.

Unlike its heavily marketed cousins though, this piece of paradise remains relatively unknown to foreigners, granting you the opportunity of a lifetime to enjoy a place of such serenity without few of your fellow tourists around.

The bottom at Radhanagar is sandy and there are some fantastic coral reefs within reach of shore, making for excellent snorkeling.

2) Varkala Beach (Kerala)

Guiding a houseboat through its backwaters isn’t the only thing to do in Kerala, as Varkala Beach offers a great place to go after your multi-day adventure on your own boat.

This place has spiritual significance to local Hindus, as it known to them as Papanasam beach, which translates to English as the place where one washes away sins.

It is also a place of beauty, as cliffs tower behind this beach in one of the few spots along the coast of the Arabian Sea where the land rises up in spectacular fashion.

3) Tarkali Beach (Maharashtra)

Located north of the state of Goa in Maharashtra, Tarkali Beach has many of the characteristics of the ones that are so popular a short distance to the south, but little of the foreigner scene that mars it for some travelers.

Well known by local Indians for its excellent SCUBA diving, its local population of dolphins, and a smashing view of Fort Sindhudurga across the water from its southerly portion, it is a place you’ll find yourself returning to before you know it.

4) Bangaram Island Beach (Lakshadweep)

A little short of the amount you need to take a beach holiday in the Maldives? Not to worry, as India possesses a chain of coral islands that are geographically part of the same region as the fabled paradise islands, but are priced at a cheaper rate than the former.

Bear in mind, it is still expensive by Indian standards, and facilities fall short of what you’d expect in the Maldives, but the beaches, breezy palms and baby blue waters are all the same!

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