Experiencing the best of Macau

photo by CC user Jakub Hałun on wikimedia

If you are headed to the Far East in 2015, you might be considering a visit to Macau. Located within a convenient ferry ride from Hong Kong, this former Portuguese trading enclave offers an intriguing blend of Chinese and European culture that is hard to find elsewhere in Asia.

How do you experience the best of Macau? By hitting up the following attractions, you will be able to make the most of your trip here.

1) Survey the Ruins of St. Paul’s

Built in the 17th century by Portuguese traders seeking a grand cathedral in which they could worship their God, St. Paul’s used to be the biggest Christian church when it was still standing. After Hong Kong took away much of Macau’s business in the 19th century, the building was neglected, eventually burning to the ground during a typhoon. Today, the front facade still stands defiantly against the trials of time, and with a garden and plaza incorporated around it, it is a pleasant way to begin your time in Macau.

2) Enjoy an evening eating, drinking and people watching at Senado Square

Some of the best places to hang out in any city in the world is in a public square, as their beauty makes it an attractive place for citizens to be on their time off work. Senado Square is no different, as its textured brickwork, fountains, and numerous restaurants draw people from all walks and stations in life.

With regards to eating, we recommend that you try out a pork chop bun (yes, an actual bun with a cooked pork chop embedded within), and after eating one of the most unique dinners you’ll ever have, track down a Portuguese egg tart, as the custard within these treats will make for a heavenly experience.

3) Try to run it up at Casino Lisboa

Love the thrill of having some of your hard earned money hanging on the roll of a pair of dice or on the flip of a card? If so, Macau has plenty of casinos where you can get your action fix, but if you only have time for one of these institutions, we recommend spending an adrenaline pumping evening at Casino Lisboa, as it was one of the first to be built in the former Portuguese territory in 1967.

With some of the best dining on the island (its best restaurant is backed by a Michelin star chef), and a full array of low to high limit games that include roulette, you are certain to have an exciting night. If you end up getting sick on holiday though, you can still get your excitement fix by gaming online at trusted sites. Why not get some practice in and maybe even get your jackpot at William Hill?!

4) Experience some unique Chinese culture at A-Ma Temple

Finally, Macau is a Chinese territory again after having been in Portuguese hands for centuries, so it is only proper to get in touch with the culture here by visiting A-Ma Temple. Constructed in the late 15th century, A-Ma Temple is a Taoist house of worship that was dedicated to Matsu, who was the patron goddess of seafarers.

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its importance to Macau (it is thought that Macau’s name was derived directly from the name of this temple), the idols, decorations, and smells of burning incense make it an attraction you need to see before leaving for the airport.

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