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The Best of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – Reasons to Head to Brazil For a Vacation

Vacation time has rolled around, and now a couple has to decide where to spend that week off.  The globe is wide open, and anywhere is available but the question a man and woman may be asking is, where is the best place to go for an exciting time?  The beautiful country of Brazil is […]

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Things to See in Sweden

When people think of Sweden, the first thing that may come to mind is tall, beautiful, blond men and women.  Some of the most stunning people in the world do come from Sweden, but there is more to this country than gorgeous people and chocolate.  Sweden is a beautiful country that is full of rich […]

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Things to do in South Africa

South Africa to most people is surprisingly one of the most exciting places to go visit. Now most people who think of Africa think dry desert type areas, but with South Africa that’s really not the case. There are plenty of amazing things to do in South Africa, rather your traveling by yourself or as […]

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Tips For Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro

19,340 feet or 5,895 meters sounds like quite high a peak to climb and when one considers the extremely variable weather conditions on your way up and down the Mt. Kilimanjaro, the task may seem to be a daunting challenge. Well, challenge it is for sure and one is tested in terms of fitness, adaptability, […]

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Top Mexican All-Inclusive Resorts

One of the top Mexican all-inclusive resorts is Barcelo Maya Palace Deluxe. With architecture reminiscent of the area’s colonial heritage, the luxurious suites of this resort invite you in and leave you so relaxed you may never leave. This resort offers sports and family activities, and there are several on-site restaurants. In fact, you can […]

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What To Do in Perth

Perth is perhaps not the first city to come to mind when travelers decide to visit Australia (often Sydney is), but it is no less wonderful to see than the more famous spot. Many destinations cater to one particular type of tourist—the beach-goer, the culture seeker, and so on. Perth is fantastic because it offers […]

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Mexican Beach Holiday Ideas

There are fewer places in the world that boasts more amazing coastlines and pristine beaches than Mexico, and if the time is right for you to get away and head for the sand, then you should be aware of all the great beach holidays in Mexico that are available right now. Mexico is one of […]

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5 Top Holiday Destinations in SE Asia

Various destinations in Asia have consistently been on the top of the list of places to visit while on Holiday. The conducive environment that the region offers such as the fair prices, efficient transport, tasty cuisine not to mention amazing beaches have propelled the tourist industry to a unique world class status. However, there are […]

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Tips for a Great Family Holiday

Sometimes people are reluctant to take their kids with them when it comes to a vacation.  Depending on the age of your children, sometimes the younger ones can be a little bit of a handful.   Your little ones are an important part of your life, and their young age should not stop you from traveling […]

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Taking a Holiday in the Thai Islands

The Thai Islands are probably one of the most breath-taking places on the entire planet. Most people have yet to discover this amazing part of the world. The upside to this is that there are not crowds and long waits to get anywhere, like so many other places in the world that people choose to […]

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