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You value your vacation time greatly.  As a professional who is primarily focused on making a huge impact in their career, you understand that we all need to take time to recharge our batteries at regular intervals, lest we burn out.

At the same time, you also realize that you are so busy, juggling your valuable attention between your work and your family, that when it comes time to dedicate creative thinking to where and how you will vacation this year, you scarcely have two brain cells to rub together for that task.  On more than a few occasions, you’ve gone the autopilot route, leaving things in the hands of an all-inclusive resort to soak away your work-related stress in a tide of alcohol.

You’ve been left wanting more by this approach in the past, so you’re looking for fresh inspiration.  Let our site, Holiday Travels Guide, be your muse.

On Holiday Travels Guide, you’ll find detailed destination guides on common holiday vacation spots, as well as some guides to places you may have thought of visiting before. The Algarve Beaches of Portugal?  The Canadian Maritime Provinces? The South Island of Zealand?  We’ve profiled all three of these places, plus many more.

A little shy on money at the moment?  No problem!  We also publish tip articles, from how to save up your money for the trip you’re craving – and fast, to how to get away and have a city break that’ll make you feel like you’ve been away for two weeks rather than for two days!

We are committed to helping you have your best holiday travel experience, so break the “lay-on-a-beach-for-seven-days” straight habit, and try out some of the suggestions you read on our webpage. Take a cruise around the site and let us know what you think.  Talk to us through our contact page here, or join us on our social media accounts over at Facebook, or on Twitter.  We’d love to hear from you!